15/9/1916 Submarine v. Aeroplane

Before the start of this war aeroplanes and submarines were novelties, with no one too sure as to how much of a role they would play in any conflict. Now they are increasingly important weapons, with aeroplanes observing enemy army movements and raining death down on people below while submarines attack warships and merchant vessels.

Today sees further progress in the use of these new weapons. The Foucault, a French submarine, is patrolling in the Adriatic, when it is spotted by two Austro-Hungarian seaplanes. The Foucault is submerged but close enough to the surface that the Austro-Hungarians fly in to the attack. They drop bombs, hitting the submarine and forcing it to surface. Its captain orders his men to scuttle the submarine and abandon ship.

The Foucault is the first submarine to be sunk by aeroplanes. The crew survive uninjured and are rescued by the Austro-Hungarians.

image source:

French sailors swimming to Austro-Hungarian seaplanes as an Austro-Hungarian rescue ship approaches (Some WW1 Photographs)

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