August 1916

The Somme lumbers on. Italy wins a battle. Romania joins the Allies. All change as Falkenhayn is replaced by Hindenburg and Ludendorff.

1/8/1916 Turkey’s new Emir of Mecca

2/8/1916 Germany and Austria-Hungary put their prisoners to work

3/8/1916 The execution of Roger Casement

4/8/1916 Turkey invades Egypt

5/8/1916 The Somme: Churchill tries to call a halt

6/8/1916 The Sixth Battle of the Isonzo: unexpected Italian success

8/8/1916 The Armenian calvary continues

8/8/1916 Gorizia falls to the Italians

9/8/1916 The Somme: Haig and Rawlinson show signs of strain

10/8/1916 The Battle of the Somme film has its première

15/8/1916 Germany takes over the Austro-Hungarian army

16/8/1916 Italy claims victory as the Sixth Battle of the Isonzo draws to a close

17/8/1916 Bulgaria invades northern Greece

19/8/1916 Bread riots in Hamburg

20/8/1916 The U-35 returns from the war’s most successful U-boat patrol

21/8/1916 “The Battle of the Somme” on general release: the war comes home to Britain and Ireland

23/8/1916 Verdun: Germany on the defensive

27/8/1916 Romania declares war, invades Transylvania

28/8/1916 The Kaiser shuffles the deck: Falkenhayn is out, Hindenburg and Ludendorff are in

29/8/1916 Haig demands Somme progress, prepares to unleash a secret weapon

30/8/1916 Germany ponders a renewed U-boat campaign

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image sources:

Wounded men at the Somme (Guardian)

Paul von Hindenburg and Erich Ludendorff (Wikipedia)

map (Mental Floss)

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