4/9/1916 The fall of Dar es Salaam

German East Africa is the Kaiser’s last remaining overseas possession, but German rule in the colony may be coming to an end. South Africa’s Smuts is overseeing an invasion from the British colony of Kenya. The Germans have been pushed back and are retreating rather risk destruction in battle with the superior British Empire forces.

The British have already managed to secure the port of Tanga, scene of an embarrassing defeat for them in 1914. Now they turn their attentions to Dar es Salaam, the colony’s capital. While the navy lurk offshore, intermittently shelling the town, a column advances overland. Today Dar es Salaam surrenders. With the loss of its wireless station, the remaining German forces in the colony are now cut off from Berlin.

The British set to work to repair the port and to undo damage done by the retreating Germans. Now Smuts hopes that one more push will induce the remaining Germans under Lettow-Vorbeck to surrender before the next rainy season.

image sources:

British troops cautiously advancing (National Army Museum)

map (Poppycock!)

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