8/8/1916 Gorizia falls to the Italians

Along the Isonzo line the Italians are attacking. The previous five Isonzo battles were disasters, but this time the Italians are enjoying astonishing successes. The Austro-Hungarians have had to thin their lines to send men to fight Brusilov’s offensive in Galicia; the depleted ranks remaining are unable to resist the Italian juggernaut.

Today Gorizia falls. The city has long been a target of Italian ambitions. Now it is largely deserted, a city in ruins.

Given the failures of the previous Isonzo battles, the current successes have caught the Italians by surprise. Now Cadorna orders a general assault in the hope of causing an Austro-Hungarian collapse. But the going may not be so easy now. The Austro-Hungarians are withdrawing to well-prepared positions. And with the Russian offensive in Galicia beginning to wind down, Conrad has been sending reinforcements to the Isonzo.

image source (Il Primato Nazionale)

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