25/7/1916 Brusilov’s offensive begins to slow down, Evert’s continues to fail

In Galicia Brusilov’s offensive against the Austro-Hungarians continues. After spectacular successes, the Russians are beginning to run out of steam as exhaustion and casualties make it harder for them to maintain the pressure on the enemy. Meanwhile the ranks of their enemies are being stiffened by Austro-Hungarian and German reinforcements.

Brusilov had always argued that the way to defeat the enemy was to follow his offensive with others elsewhere. That way the Germans would find it hard to concentrate their reserves against one threat. His commanders had accepted this plan and ordered Evert to attack the Germans to Brusilov’s north. However Evert’s efforts have been lacklustre. His men have attacked in the traditional Russian human wave assaults and have suffered terrible casualties for no great gains. What territory has been seized has mostly been lost to German counter-attacks.

Now Evert sends his men forward again, in another attempt to smash through the German defences. But again, despite a great numerical advantage his men make little or no progress but add to their already extensive casualty list.

image source (Imperor)

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