6/7/1916 The Somme: piecemeal Allied attacks continue

At the Somme the Allies are staging a series of uncoordinated attacks on the enemy. Haig reckons that the British efforts have put the Germans into a sticky situation. They are running out of reserves and becoming increasingly confused thanks to the relentless British pressure. Haig is sure that the Germans are facing a crisis of morale, which means that their defence could collapse at any moment. He orders Rawlinson, the Somme commander, to give the enemy no respite and to keep attacking the Germans.

Having to stage continuous attacks on the Germans means that there is no time to prepare these attacks properly. As a result, the British are often assaulting the enemy without adequate reconnaissance or support from their artillery. And local assaults can be easily enfiladed by German machine gun nests. As a result the British attacks are leading to a steady increase in British casualty numbers, in return for which precious little ground is being gained. If the Germans are really on the brink of collapse they are as yet showing no great sign of it.

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