25/6/1916 Conrad halts the Trentino Offensive

Austria-Hungary’s Conrad took a bold gamble when he launched his Trentino Offensive against Italy. His hope was that his men would be able to storm down from the Trentino uplands to the coast, cutting off the main Italian army on the Isonzo. If all went according to plan, Italy would be forced out of the war and the prestige of Austro-Hungarian arms would be restored. Conrad depleted the Russian front to supply men for Trentino, gambling that the battered Russians would be in no fit state to launch a major offensive.

Conrad’s plans have gone awry. The offensive shook the Italians, but the Austro-Hungarians never made it down to the coastal plains. Perhaps given time they would have done, although they were already beginning to suffer from exhaustion and over-extended supply lines. However the final nail in the Trentino Offensive’s coffin was Brusilov’s Offensive in Galicia. This has so shattered the Austro-Hungarians there that Conrad has to send every man he can spare to staunch the Russian tide. This has forced him to halt his attacks on the Italians.

The offensive has cost the Austro-Hungarians nearly 100,000 casualties, while the Italians have suffered approximately 147,000. Now the Austro-Hungarians withdraw to prepared positions, abandoning much of their recent gains.

Asiago in ruins after the battle (Wikipedia)

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