May 1916

Verdun carnage continues. Germany calls off the U-boats, again. Austria-Hungary attempts to knock Italy out of the war. Britain and France divide up the Middle East. Jutland: the largest naval battle in history.

1/5/1916 Dublin counts the cost of the Easter Rising

1/5/1916 U-boats: the Kaiser makes up his mind, for now

3/5/1916 Verdun: the Crown Prince loses faith but cannot stop the carnage

3/5/1916 Dublin: the executions begin

4/5/1916 The Sussex Pledge: Germany calls off the U-boats

6/5/1916 Public executions in Beirut and Damascus

7/5/1916 Verdun: German progress, but Joffre decides the crisis has passed

7/5/1916 Kondoa-Irangi: Lettow-Vorbeck strikes back

8/5/1916 Disaster at Fort Douaumont

9/5/1916 Baghdad: captured British officers battle ennui while their men battle starvation

9/5/1916 Kondoa Irangi: South Africans bloody Lettow-Vorbeck’s nose

12/5/1916 Dublin: the last rebels executed

15/5/1916 The Punishment Expedition: Austria smashes Italy

16/5/1916 The Sykes-Picot Agreement: Britain and France carve up the Middle East

20/5/1916 “The world is mad”: Shackleton emerges from Antarctica

20/5/1916 Austria’s Punishment Expedition presses on against Italy

21/5/1916 Britain engages in time-war

22/5/1916 Verdun: the French attempt to recapture Fort Douaumont

24/5/1916 Verdun: the Germans hold Fort Douaumont

25/5/1916 The end of the Fokker scourge

25/5/1916 Feeding the guns: Britain widens conscription’s dragnet

28/5/1916 Austria’s Punishment Expedition brings Italy to the brink

30/5/1916 Admiral Scheer prepares to sail into a trap

30/5/1916 Italy’s Cadorna fights for survival

31/5/1916 Verdun: Falkenhayn’s big brother seizes the Mort Homme

31/5/1916 Jutland: “There seems to be something wrong with our bloody ships today”

31/5/1916 Jutland: the fleets collide

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image sources:

French soldier (The Western Front Association)

German ships at Jutland (British Battles; painting by Claus Bergen)

map (Mental Floss WW1 Centennial)

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