21/6/1916 Lloyd George feeds the guns

British preparations for the Somme offensive are continuing. The British have concentrated artillery in front of Germans, with which they hope to blast the enemy defences into oblivion.

Previous British offensives have foundered because shells were available in insufficient quantities to maintain intense artillery bombardments. That led to Lloyd George being appointed as Minister of Munitions, tasked ensuring an adequate supply of shells and guns for the army.

Now Lloyd George reveals the fruits of his efforts to the War Committee of Britain’s government. Production of war material has been completely reorganised. So much ammunition for Britain’s artillery is being produced that the guns of the Somme will be able to fire as many shells as they like without fear of depleting their stores. Photographs are also shown of German positions near Ypres that appear to have been completely obliterated by British heavy artillery. The expectation now is that the German trenches at the Somme will meet the same fate.

image source:

David Lloyd George (Wikipedia)

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