18/6/1916 A new government for Italy

Austria-Hungary’s Trentino Offensive shook the Italians. For a time it looked like the Austro-Hungarians would be able to strike down from the uplands to the coast, cutting off the main Italian army on the Isonzo; that could have forced Italy out of the war. Now though the crisis has passed. The Austro-Hungarians were already running out of steam when the Brusilov Offensive in Galicia forced them to halt their assault on Italy and start transferring troops eastwards. Italian counter-attacks are beginning to recover ground lost to the Austro-Hungarians.

Nevertheless, Italy’s parliamentarians are angry that the Trentino Offensive caught their army unawares. Cadorna, the army’s chief of staff, managed to deflect blame from himself. Instead Prime Minister Salandra was forced from office by an irate Italian parliament. Now the country has a new prime minister, Paolo Boselli. The 78 year old liberal heads a government of national unity, with members from across the political spectrum.

image source:

Paolo Boselli (Wikipedia)

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