13/6/1916 Mount Sorrel: Canada attacks

Pétain and some other French leaders are annoyed that their men are fighting and dying at Verdun while the British seems to be taking things a bit easy. The British are of course preparing for their big push on the Somme, but there is still some time to go before that kicks off. In the meantime though the British are making local diversionary attacks on the Germans. Or rather their Commonwealth allies the Canadians are.

At Ypres earlier in the month German troops staged a local assault, capturing the Mount Sorrel hill. The Canadians prevented any exploitation of the Germans’ initial success. Since then the Germans have been kept off balance by sudden bursts of artillery fire that seem to presage an imminent attack, confusing them when one does not come. Today though the Canadians do indeed push forward after a short artillery bombardment, under cover of a smoke screen. The Germans are taken by surprise and the Canadians manage to recapture the lost position and bag around 200 prisoners.

Recaptured Mount Sorrel trenches (Canadian Soldiers)

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