9/6/1916 Brusilov’s offensive continues; Evert’s fails to materialise

Brusilov’s offensive in Galicia continues to make gains, inflicting staggering losses on the Austro-Hungarians. One of the armies facing Brusilov has lost some 60,000 men. Another Habsburg army to the south initially resisted the Russians more effectively, but now it is being broken in two by the implacable enemy, suffering similar or greater casualties to its neighbour.

Brusilov commands Russia’s south western army group. His attacks on the Austro-Hungarians are meant to be a prelude to an attack by the central army group against the Germans. The aim of this rolling series of offensives is to prevent the enemy from concentrating reserves in any single threatened area, using Russia’s great advantage in manpower to overwhelm the Germans and Austro-Hungarians. But Evert, the central army group’s commander, does not share Brusilov’s offensive spirit. He fears the professional consequences of a failed attack.

Evert was originally scheduled to attack today. But now Brusilov learns that his comrade’s caution has got the better of him. Evert declares his armies to be as yet unready for an offensive. Brusilov’s men must continue to engage the enemy on their own.

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