7/6/1916 Fort Vaux surrenders

The French defenders of Fort Vaux have lasted for four days without water, but now they can take no more. Today they capitulate to the Germans. The surrender is conducted with full military honours, like something from a bygone era of warfare. War is a tough business but the Germans are shocked to see the desperately thirsty French troops emulate the fort’s cocker spaniel by crawling on all fours to drink muddy water out of a shell hole.

The men of Fort Vaux have suffered around a hundred casualties, but they have inflicted some 2,600 on the Germans. Major Raynal, their commander, is treated with great respect by his captors. He is introduced to Crown Prince Wilhelm, the German commander at Verdun. The Crown Prince presents Raynal with a sword as a token of esteem.

image sources:

Raynal & Qui Qui before the surrender (Lead Adventure Forum)

Raynal in captivity (Les Français à Verdun)

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