6/6/1916 Good news for Italy, bad news for Italy’s prime minister

The Brusilov Offensive has come at a good time for Italy. The success of the Russian onslaught forces Austria-Hungary’s Conrad to start sending some of his men east instead of using them to reinforce those attacking Italy. The Trentino Offensive is already running out of steam, but now the new threat from the east shakes the Austro-Hungarians’ morale. Emboldened Italian troops make their first serious counter-attacks against the enemy.

For Prime Minister Salandra however there is no respite. In Rome parliament meets. Deputies are angry that the Austro-Hungarians were able to take the Italians by surprise. Salandra sympathises and tries to blame Cadorna, the army commander. But the deputies rally behind the general and denounce the prime minister. Salandra loses a confidence vote and is forced out of office.

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