5/6/1916 Brusilov smashes the Austro-Hungarians

Yesterday Russian forces commanded by General Brusilov attacked the Austro-Hungarians in Galicia. For the most part the Austro-Hungarians were able to withstand the Russian attacks. Today however it is a different story. After another short artillery bombardment the Russians attack again, rushing across no man’s land and reaching the enemy’s frontline trenches before the Austro-Hungarian troops can emerge from their dug-outs. Russian troops press forward, following Brusilov’s orders to keep advancing, bypassing any enemy strongpoints.

The Austro-Hungarians suffer a precipitous collapse in morale. All along the front men begin to retreat away or surrender rather than hold their positions. it looks like Brusilov is delivering a hammer blow to the Habsburgs.

image source

TWO-HEADED EAGLE: Oh, dear! dear! That infernal machine has sucked up my tail! (Cartooning the First World War (originally Western Mail))

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