4/6/1916 Brusilov attacks

The Russians received a battering in 1915, mostly from the Germans though the Austro-Hungarians also contributed to their bad year. The army suffered enormous losses in both men and equipment and was flung back all along the front. Since then though the army has recovered. A recruitment drive had brought numbers up to nearly 7 million men. The supply situation has also improved and the army is no longer so desperately short of war materiel.

It is however some time since Russia staged a successful offensive against Teutonic powers. Today they attempt to break their losing streak. General Brusilov launches an offensive against Austro-Hungarian forces in Galicia. After a sudden bombardment Brusilov’s men attack the enemy across a broad front.

The Austro-Hungarians have put great effort into building their trenches. Today that work appears to pay off, as the Russians make minimal gains and are mostly prevented from penetrating the Austro-Hungarian positions. The Austro-Hungarians may allow themselves a certain smug self-satisfaction that they have seen off the enemy’s best efforts. What they do not realise is that today’s Russian efforts were merely probing attacks. The real onslaught will come tomorrow.

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