1/6/1916 Good news for Cadorna as Russia prepares to attack

Italy is facing an Austro-Hungarian onslaught in the Asiago plateau, one that threatens to sweep down to the coast and cut off almost the entire Italian army. Despite being caught by surprise, General Cadorna has managed to keep his job as commander of the Italian army, for now at least. And today he receives a piece of good news. The Russians have been planning an offensive later in June against the Austro-Hungarians in Galicia. Today Cadorna is informed that the Russians have brought the offensive forward and will be attacking on the 4th of June.

Previous Russian offensives have not been great successes, so Cadorna does not expect too much from this latest Russian effort. Nevertheless, he hopes that it will prove something of a distraction for the enemy, relieving the pressure his army is under.

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