31/5/1916 Verdun: Falkenhayn’s big brother seizes the Mort Homme

The carnage at Verdun continues. On the east bank abortive French counterattacks have failed to recapture Fort Douaumont. On the west, the Germans continue to apply the pressure. Côte 304 has already fallen. With its machine guns eliminated, the German are able to make their final assault on the Mort Homme. This sinister piece of high ground has bedevilled their efforts on the west bank of the Meuse since the start of fighting there. Now the Germans are determined to seize it.

The Germans assaulting the Mort Homme are led by Eugen von Falkenhayn, elder brother of the army’s chief of staff. After brutal fighting they finally secure the aptly named hill, now littered with French and German corpses.

With the French pushed back on the west bank, the Germans are ready to renew the offensive on the east. The goal now is to take the two forts of Vaux and Souville and then press on to seize Verdun itself. The final crisis approaches.

image source:

Mort Homme (Pritzker Military Museum & Library)

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