28/5/1916 Austria’s Punishment Expedition brings Italy to the brink

Austro-Hungarian forces are continuing their advance against the Italians. The Austro-Hungarians are advancing from the Trentino uplands, hoping to break through to the plains and reach the coast, cutting off the Italian forces on the Isonzo. Now they seize the key town of Asiago. The lowlands are not far away.

Italy’s Cadorna is rushing every man he can to face the Austro-Hungarians, but the enemy seems unstoppable. He warns the government that if the enemy’s progress continues, he will have to withdraw to the gates of Venice itself. In desperation, Italy’s leaders beg the Russians to bring forward the offensive they have planned for mid-June. If italy’s allies do not come to her aid it looks disturbingly like Austria-Hungary will succeed in knocking her out of the war.

image source:

General Luigi Cadorna (Wikipedia)

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