22/5/1916 Verdun: the French attempt to recapture Fort Douaumont

Since it fell to the Germans in embarrassing circumstances, Fort Douaumont has been a thorn in the side of the French defending Verdun. The French are keen to retake it, despite the heavy losses an assault on the fort is likely to incur. With the recent inferno inside the fort having discomfited the defenders, now might be the time for the French to strike.

French artillery has battered the fort and the Germans immediately around it for the last few days. Now the French infantry move forward. German artillery cuts the French down as they leave their own trenches. More are killed by rifle and machine gun fire as they move forward. But somehow the French make it to the superstructure of the fort. Yet although they are able to seize a damaged machine gun post, their attempts to storm into the fort fail. The French are left precariously lurking on and around the fort while the Germans pour fire onto them and prepare a counter-attack.

image source:

French troops attack (History)

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