21/5/1916 Britain engages in time-war

With the war dragging on and no obvious sign of an immediate victory, both sides are resorting to outlandish measures in an effort to gain an advantage over the enemy. Now Britain copies a ruse recently adopted by the Germans and Austro-Hungarians: tinkering with time itself in an attempt to save money and make better use of resources. At 1.00 a.m. this morning all public clocks are put forward by one hour, with private individuals and companies instructed to do the same to their own time-pieces.

The hope is that this measure will allow the long summer evenings to be more productively used. This should reduce the demands on fuel for lighting. Not everyone is in favour of this new development, but the government has been swayed by estimates of substantial savings in money and coal.

The country will return to Greenwich Mean Time in the Autumn.

image source:

Allegorical depiction of Summer Time (Independent)

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