20/5/1916 Austria’s Punishment Expedition presses on against Italy

Austria-Hungary’s Trentino offensive against the Italians continues. Conrad hopes that his men will be able to advance from the mountains to the coast, cutting off the main Italian army on the Isonzo. Austro-Hungarian troops continue to surge forward, advancing now into the Asiago plateau.

The Italians are making desperate attempts to improvise new defensive lines. Cadorna is also summoning reinforcements to throw in the path of the enemy. Yet the Austro-Hungarian advance appears unstoppable. It seems they can sweep through any newly prepared Italian position.

Nevertheless, the Austro-Hungarians are feeling the strain of the fighting. The men are exhausted and their rapid advance has stretched their supply lines. But still they push on, hoping for the final victory that will bring this war to an end.

image source:

Strafexpedition 1916 (by Tuomas Koivurinne on DeviantArt)

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