April 1916

Verdun grinds on. Russian victories against Turkey. The fall of Kut. Rebellion in Dublin.

2/4/1916 Zeppelins over Scotland, Faversham blasted in industrial accident

5/4/1916 Kut: Gorringe to the rescue

5/4/1916 Verdun: Joffre yearns for the French to strike back

7/4/1916 Allied blockade, Turkish confiscations and a plague of locusts bring famine to Syria and Lebanon

8/4/1916 Ireland: a routine mobilisation?

9/4/1916 Kut: Gorringe fails to break through the Turkish lines

9/4/1916 The “Libau” sets sail

9/4/1916 Verdun: French hold German attacks on east and west banks

10/4/1916 Verdun: Joffre pays a visit

12/4/1916 Mesopotamia: desperate measures in Kut

15/4/1916 Brusilov‘s bold plan for an offensive

15/4/1916 Mesopotamia: British attempts to supply Kut by air

17/4/1916 Kut: yet another British relief attempt fails

18/4/1916 Russian forces seize Trebizond; the scale of Turkey’s abuse of the Armenians becomes increasingly apparent

19/4/1916 Dublin: a planned British crackdown revealed

19/4/1916 Joffre kicks Pétain upstairs

19/4/1916 Wilson threatens to break off diplomatic relations with Germany

22/4/1916 Kut: Gorringe’s last attempt to raise the siege

23/4/1916 Ireland: the Easter Rising fails to materialise

24/4/1916 Dublin erupts into revolt

24/4/1916 Kut: Gorringe’s last desperate roll of the dice

25/4/1916 Lowestoft: the German fleet attacks England

26/4/1916 Bloody fighting in Dublin

27/4/1916 Hulluch: German gas attack

27/4/1916 Kut: Townshend tries to buy his men’s freedom

28/4/1916 Maxwell arrives to pacify Ireland

29/4/1916 Kut: another attempt to bribe the Turks

29/4/1916 Britain humiliated as Kut surrenders

29/4/1916 Easter Rising: Pearse surrenders

30/4/1916 The last Easter Rising rebels surrender

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image sources:

Dublin in ruins (Guardian)

map (Mental Floss WW1 Centennial)

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