30/4/1916 The last Easter Rising rebels surrender

In Dublin the Easter Rising is over. The outlying rebel garrisons have surrendered after receiving Pearse’s order to lay down their arms; to ensure that fighters from the Irish Citizen Army also surrender, Pearse’s order is counter-signed by James Connolly.

The rebels holding the Jacob’s Biscuit Factory are among the last to give in. Their second-in-command is James MacBride, who had previously fought for the Boers against the British Empire. Before the surrender he encourages his men to try and escape. He also advises them in future to adopt the guerrilla tactics of the Boers. “Take my advice: never allow yourself to be trapped in a building again.”

Another late surrender is that of the rebels holding formidable positions at Boland’s Mill. Their commander, Éamon De Valera only orders his men to give in after protracted negotiations. Many of them destroy their weapons rather than hand them over.

image source:

Éamon De Valera under guard (Today in Irish History)

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