12/4/1916 Mesopotamia: desperate measures in Kut

In Mesopotamia the Turks have besieged a British army at Kut-al-Amara. General Gorringe leads a relief force that is trying to break through and raise the siege, but stubborn Turkish resistance is foiling these efforts. In Kut itself the situation is increasingly desperate. Even with everyone on short rations food is running out; both soldiers and townsfolk are starting starvation in the face. Most of the British army soldiers in Kut are from India. The situation is so desperate that these Muslim and Hindu troops are now permitted to eat horsemeat by their religious advisors.

General Townshend commands the British in Kut. He is in communications with Gorringe by radio. He warns him that by the 23rd of April they will have nothing to eat bar horsemeat. And by the 29th they will have nothing to eat at all.

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