March 1916

The Verdun meat-grinder continues. Another Isonzo offensive fails. German East Africa invaded. Desperate British attempts to raise the siege of Kut.

4/3/1916 Verdun: German forces finally secure Douaumont village

6/3/1916 Verdun: the Germans widen the battlefront

7/3/1916 Verdun: continuing German advances, political crisis in Paris

8/3/1916 Mesopotamia: Britain attacks at Dujaila in attempt to relieve Kut

8/3/1916 Verdun: French counterattack

9/3/1916 Germany declares war on Portugal

9/3/1916 Another invasion of German East Africa begins

10/3/1916 Kut: the Turks invite the British to surrender

10/3/1916 Verdun: attritional struggles

11/3/1916 Italy attacks along the Isonzo

11/3/1916 Latema Nek: British and South African forces attack a German strongpoint

12/3/1916 Latema Nek: unexpected victory

14/3/1916 Further British advances against the Senussi

14/3/1916 Verdun: the horror continues

15/3/1916 Germany loses its naval minister

16/3/1916 The Fifth Battle of the Isonzo begins to peter out

17/3/1916 Libya: armoured cars to the rescue

18/3/1916 East Africa: Smuts attacks the Germans at Kaye

18/3/1916 Lake Naroch: Russia attacks Germany

19/3/1916 Ireland moves towards rebellion

20/3/1916 Verdun: a disastrous failure of French morale

21/3/1916 Lake Naroch and Riga: failed Russian offensives

21/3/1916 East Africa: Lettow-Vorbeck retreats from Kahe

22/3/1916 Verdun: the wheel turns

23/3/1916 Verdun: Falkenhayn’s game

24/3/1916 The SS Sussex torpedoed: the U-boat campaign heats up again

27/3/1916 St Eloi: a minor British assault on the enemy

29/3/1916 Verdun: German morale frays

30/3/1916 Russia calls a halt to its failed Lake Naroch offensive

31/3/1916 Verdun: the butchers’ bill

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Verdun soldier

(both from the Mental Floss WWI Centennial by Erik Sass)

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