9/4/1916 Kut: Gorringe fails to break through the Turkish lines

In Mesopotamia the besieged British army in Kut-al-Amara is in increasingly desperate straits. General Gorringe leads a relief force that is trying to break though the Turkish lines to raise the siege. Gorringe’s efforts seemed initially to be going well, when his men took the Turkish position at Hanna and Fallahiyeh, albeit at considerable cost. The Turkish defences at Sannaiyat have proved a harder nut to crack. Over the last few days Gorringe’s men have battered themselves against the Turks here but failed to break through, suffering further heavy casualties.

Now Gorringe decides to change tack. He will bring his men across the Tigris and attempt a rapid advance along the south bank. Kut may yet be saved.

image source:

map (Lightbobs)

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