2/4/1916 Zeppelins over Scotland, Faversham blasted in industrial accident

German airships continue to attack Britain. Today for the first time they attack targets in Scotland. 4 Zeppelins set off on a night mission, though bad weather and engine trouble mean that only two reach Scotand. The Zeppelins bomb Leith and Edinburgh, killing 13 people and wounding several dozen. Property is also damaged. Yet although Zeppelin raids are causing some panic and outrage, they are not inflicting a level of damage that will be bringing Britain to its knees any time soon.

A far more devastating explosion happens today at a munitions factory in Kent. The Explosives Loading Company outside Faversham has been working at full capacity to produce the explosive materials used in shells and bombs. Today a fire breaks out in the factory. The fire brigade is alerted and workmen desperately try to remove the explosives from the building. Hpwever efforts to contain the fire are unavailing. The munitions are ignited and the factory is torn apart by an explosion. The blast is of such power that windows are shattered across the Thames estuary at Southend. 115 people lose their lives. Seven of the victims are so obliterated that no trace remains of their bodies.

image source (Guardian)

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