30/3/1916 Russia calls a halt to its failed Lake Naroch offensive

Russian troops have been attacking the Germans in the Lake Naroch area of Byelorussia and also near Riga on the coast. They hoped to relieve the pressure on the French at Verdun and also to show the Germans that even after the disasters of last year the Russian army was still a force to be reckoned with. But the attacks have been a ghastly failure and today the Russian generals call a halt to the offensive. No significant gains in territory have been made and the Russian casualties (100,000) are five times those of the Germans. There has been no succour given to the French, as the Germans have repelled the Russian assaults without deploying any reinforcements.

The failure of the Russians at Lake Naroch provides further support to those who say that the Russians are essentially beaten and no longer able to mount a successful offensive. Senior figures in the German and Austro-Hungarian armies are convinced that they do not need to worry about what the Russians might be planning to do in the future.

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