29/3/1916 Verdun: German morale frays

Fighting at Verdun continues. French and German artillery turn the other side’s men into mincemeat. On the ground the infantry battle ebbs and flows backwards and forwards, men fighting and dying for tiny scraps of ground. On the west bank of the Meuse the French now stage a counterattack. At great cost the Bois d’Avocourt is recaptured, for now making more secure the vital high ground of the Mort Homme.

German morale may be beginning to crack. The French are rotating units in and out of the battle, but the Germans keep theirs fighting indefinitely, supplying raw recruits to make up the numbers in battle-scarred formations. For a German soldier at Verdun it cannot be long before the rolling dice ordain his death. With victory and an end to the horror no longer seeming imminent, It should not therefore be too surprising that there are reports of assault troops refusing to attack and men surrendering at the first opportunity.

image source (The Drinks Business)

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