22/3/1916 Verdun: the wheel turns

At Verdun the carnage continues. After a deplorable failure of French morale, German troops managed to capture the Avocourt forest. After regrouping they now press on to attack the Côte 304 position, which in turn should allow them to storm the Mort Homme, key to French defences on the west bank of the Meuse. But the remaining French troops appear to have been reinvigorated by their comrades’ recent failures. Advancing German troops are cut to pieces by well-sited French machine guns.

Wet weather has made the soil too swampy for the Germans to bring up mortars to eliminate the French machine guns. The Germans resort to human wave assaults, which fail when almost entire battalions are wiped out. The survivors retreat back to the woods, only to be pounded by the French artillery.

image source (The Great War Blog)

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