21/3/1916 Lake Naroch and Riga: failed Russian offensives

Russian forces are attacking the Germans near Lake Naroch in Byelorussia. They are trying to relieve the pressure on the French at Verdun. After the drubbings the Russians have received from the Germans last year they also want to show that they are able to take on and beat the Germans.

However the offensive is not going well. The Germans have inflicted heavy casualties on the Russians, whose advance has bogged down (literally: the spring thaw has turned the battlefield into a quagmire).

In a doomed attempt to pile further pressure on the Germans, the Russians now attack near Riga on the Baltic coast. This attack is over almost as soon as it has begun, with the Russians thrown back after suffering some 10,000 casualties.

image source (Metropostcard; the image may refer to fighting in late 1914 or early 1915)

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