18/3/1916 East Africa: Smuts attacks the Germans at Kahe

German East Africa is being invaded by British Empire forces under the overall command of South Africa’s Smuts. In the Kilimanjaro region the Germans have retreated from Salaita Hill and Latema Nek. Now they are concentrated at Kahe. Smuts fears that if the Germans are left here unmolested until the imminent rainy season they will be able to harass his lines of communication. So he sends his own men forward to attack Kahe.

The British Empire forces are a motley crew of South African, British, Indian, Rhodesian and African troops while the Germans are mostly locally recruited Askaris with German officers. The highly disciplined Askaris put up a stout resistance for their colonial masters. Heavy fighting ensues at Kahe, with it being clear that the Germans will not be easily dislodged.

image source:

German Askari (The Western Front Association)

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