17/3/1916 Libya: armoured cars to the rescue

In the Libyan desert, British sailors from merchant ships sunk by U-boats are being held as captives by the Senussi, a Muslim brotherhood who have taken the side of Turkey in the war. They are being held in deplorable conditions and are not being adequately fed by their captors. Help is however on its way. After a recent action the British Light Armoured Car Brigade learned from Senussi prisoners where the sailors were being held. They raced off into the desert to rescue them.

The armoured cars are under the command of Major Hugh Grosvenor, the Duke of Westminster. Today, after crossing 120 miles of hostile territory Grosvenor’s force arrives at the Senussi camp in Bir Hakeim. The Senussi are caught by surprise, unable to put up any effective resistance. Grosvenor frees and feeds the prisoners, who are close to death from starvation.

image source (The Long, Long Trail)

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