14/3/1916 Further British advances against the Senussi

In western Egypt forces from across the British Empire are pushing back the Senussi fighters who had invaded the country from Libya. The Senussi are allied to the Turks and had hoped to trigger a pro-Turkish revolt by the Muslim majority in Egypt, but their campaign has failed and now they are being chased back to Libya. Now the British advance on Sollum, near to the Libyan border, only to find that the Senussi have abandoned it and retreated westward. The Light Armoured Car Brigade (comprising 10 armoured cars) is ordered to pursue.

The armoured cats catch the retreating Senussi, who have encamped at Bir Asiso, and a one sided battle ensues. By its end the British have captured all of the enemy’s heavy weapons as well as number of fighters and Turkish officers.

From prisoners the British learn that in Bir Hakeim the Senussi are holding captured British sailors, survivors of ships sunk by a German U-boat. The sailors are being held in deplorable conditions and are in desperate straits. Major Hugh Grosvenor, the British commander, resolves that his armoured cars will have to race to the sailors’ rescue. They set off into the hostile territory of the Libyan desert.

image source (The Long, Long Trail)

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