10/3/1916 Verdun: attritional struggles

The battle of Verdun is turning into an attritional slog. After his recent bold counter-attack, Colonel Macker now leads another French charge that recovers more ground from the enemy. But then his luck runs out, as a German machine gun strikes him down. German troops attack once more, making progress against the suddenly demoralised French. The Bois des Corbeaux is soon back in German hands. However, the Mort Homme remains securely French. The Germans have taken such terrible casualties in the last few days’ fighting that they cannot contemplate an assault on this piece of high ground.

On the east bank of the Meuse, German and French troops are struggling over the village of Vaux. The Germans hope to capture Fort Vaux as a prelude to further advances on Verdun itself. But although the village changes hands repeatedly in the bloody fighting, the Germans are unable to contest French control of the fort.

Artillery continues to end the lives of many soldiers on both sides of this hellish battle.

image source (Prisoners of Eternity)

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