9/3/1916 Another invasion of German East Africa begins

By now most of Germany’s overseas colonies have been overrun by the Allies. The one exception is German East Africa, where forces under Colonel Lettow-Vorbeck have repelled British invasion attempts. Now a renewed attempt is being made to eliminate this last German outpost. South Africa’s General Smuts leads a multi-national British Empire force comprising men from India, South Africa, Rhodesia, and British possessions in East Africa, as well as soldiers from Britain itself. Now his invasion of German East Africa begins in earnest, with Smuts’ men attacking in the Mount Kilimanjaro region.

The first target of the invaders is Salaita Hill. An assault here last month proved to be a bloody fiasco. This time more subtle tactics are applied. The British Empire forces make a long flanking march that obliges the Germans to withdraw from the hill lest they be surrounded. The hill is captured, but the Germans make their escape to fight another day.

image source (Western Front Association)

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