February 1916

Russia smashes Turkey in the Caucasus. Germany launches its Verdun offensive.

1/2/1916 A new prime minister for Russia

2/2/1916 The short-lived triumph of the L-19 Zeppelin

3/2/1916 Verdun: the clock is ticking

6/2/1916 Boris Stürmer’s embarrassing problem

9/2/1916 Lake Tanganyika: another British victory

11/2/1916 Erzurum: Russia attacks Turkey’s impregnable fortress

12/2/1916 Verdun: Armageddon delayed

12/2/1916 Salaita Hill: another failed attempt to invade German East Africa

14/2/1916 Haig and Joffre plan their summer offensive

15/2/1916 Erzurum: Yudenich smashes the hapless Turks

16/2/1916 Disaster for Turkey as Erzurum falls to Russia

18/2/1916 Italy attacks Laibach

18/2/1916 The Sun sets on German West Africa

18/2/1916 Kut: death from above

21/2/1916 Verdun: it begins

22/2/1916 Verdun: storm of steel

23/2/1916 Verdun: France attempts to halt the juggernaut

23/2/1916 Britain establishes a Ministry of Blockade

24/2/1916 Verdun: German breakthrough

25/2/1916 Verdun: the fall of Fort Douaumont

25/2/1916 Verdun: France accepts Falkenhayn’s challenge

26/2/1916 Verdun: Pétain runs the battle from his sickbed

27/2/1916 Verdun: the German advance stalls

27/2/1916 Austria-Hungary invades Albania

28/2/1916 Verdun: mud

28/2/1916 Egypt: Britain routs the Senussi, reasserts dominance

29/2/1916 Verdun: what is to be done?

29/2/1916 Sharif Hussein’s unwelcome visitors

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image sources:

Verdun (Mental Floss: The Devil’s Anvil – Verdun)

map (Mental Floss: Russians Conquer Erzurum, Cameroon Falls)

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