27/2/1916 Austria-Hungary invades Albania

Pamje nga Durrësi, shkurt 1916. Vue de Durrës, 27 février 1916. View from Durrës, Feb 27th 1916. Vista de Durazzo.
The small Balkan country of Albania is in a disordered state, too preoccupied with its own affairs to want any part in the war convulsing Europe. Unfortunately it is unable to keep the war away from its borders. Italian troops have occupied Albanian ports, in accordance with the secret treaty that brought Italy into the war on the side of the Allies. The defeated Serbian army retreated through Albania on their way to the coast, helping themselves to the food and fuel of any Albanians who crossed their path.

Now the Austro-Hungarians have launched their own invasion of Albania, primarily to deny it as a base of operations for the Allies. Deciding that discretion is the better part of valour, Italian troops abandon Durazzo (or Durres), the capital city; it falls to the Austro-Hungarians today without a fight. Essad Pasha, an Albanian warlord who has made common cause with the Allies, flees into exile with the Italians, establishing a government in exile in Naples.

image source (Only Tradition, on Flickr)

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