24/2/1916 Verdun: German breakthrough

At Verdun German assaults continue. Germany’s Falkenhayn hopes that this offensive will break French resistance, forcing them out of the war. Yet at Verdun the French are still resisting against incredible odds. A stand at the village of Samogneux has led to a temporary halt in the German advance, but now disaster strikes the French. A false report that the village has fallen leads to it being shelled by French heavy artillery. The defenders are devastated and then overrun by the Germans, who move on to press the advantage.

The French are suffering terrible casualties and are desperately rushing reinforcements to fill in the gaps in their line. But today nothing goes their way. A division of Algerian troops are thrown into the battle. These North Africans have earned a formidable reputation and their presence normally strikes terror into the hearts of the Germans. Here however the Algerians are infected by the collapse in morale spreading through the French troops around them. The Germans surge forward, overrunning the French rear lines and pressing on into open country.

image sources:

German assault troops


(both Les Français à Verdun)

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