18/2/1916 Kut: death from above

In Mesopotamia the siege of Kut-al-Amara continues. The British forces (mostly recruited in India) holed up in the town are on reduced rations while they wait for the relief force to break through the Turkish lines. Rising water levels have forced the Turks to abandon their frontline siege lines, which makes an attempt to storm the town less likely. However, the Turks continue to subject Kut to heavy military bombardment. And now a new menace joins their efforts. The Turks have been supplied with some German Fokker Eindecker aircraft. These have begun bombing missions over the town, causing much irritation to the defenders and the townsfolk, but relatively few casualties. The British & Indian soldiers do their best to improvise anti-aircraft defences.
Today, though the guns of the Turks go silent. The British fear that this is a prelude to another attempt to storm the town, but no assault is forthcoming. Rather it is that news of the fall of Erzurum has reached the Turkish besiegers. After a run of victories in Gallipoli and Mesopotamia, this great reverse proves a terrible shock to the morale of the Ottoman troops.

image source (Huffington Post)

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