15/2/1916 Erzurum: Yudenich smashes the hapless Turks

The Russian army is attacking the Turks in eastern Anatolia. After capturing the frontline town of Köprüköy, they have pressed on to Erzurum, lynchpin of Turkish defences in the region. Erzurum is heavily fortified and believed to be impregnable, but Russia’s Yudenich has sent his men on a flanking march to attack the town from the less well-protected north.

The Russian attack began on the 11th. Since then they have been picking off Erzurum’s forts one by one. After the first fort fell the Turks became increasingly demoralised, retreating into the town rather than resisting to the end.

Fighting continues around the perimeter, but now aerial reconnaissance reveals to Yudenich that the battle is as good as won. The Turks in Erzurum are packing up and pulling out, hoping to get away before they are surrounded by the Russians.

image source (Wikipedia)

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