12/2/1916 Verdun: Armageddon delayed

Today is the day scheduled for the great German offensive against Verdun. The German assault troops have been moved up into their stollen, the underground shelters close to the front line, ready to erupt forth and storm the French lines. The German guns are ready to start their devastating bombardments of the enemy lines. The French too are ready, or as ready as they can be, despite the best efforts of the Germans to conceal their intentions. The French commanders at Verdun have ordered their men to expect an attack today.

But the attack does not come. A heavy snowfall turns into a blizzard, carpeting the land in white and reducing visibility so that any kind of attack is impossible. Crown Prince Wilhelm commands the German forces at Verdun. He orders the assault postponed until weather conditions improve. The German assault troops will have to wait in their cramped stollen.

image source:

Stollen (De Eerste Wereldoorlog 1914 – 1918: the Battle of Verdun)

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