1/2/1916 A new prime minister for Russia

The impressively whiskered Ivan Goremykin has been serving as Russian prime minister since early 1914. His conservative views have endeared him to Tsar Nicholas. However, he has found it difficult to deal with the more progressive members of the cabinet, who have been pressing for a less autocratic approach to government. The 76 year old Goremykin has little stomach for the fight; he has asked to be allowed retire. Now the Tsar finally lets him go.

The new prime minister is Boris Stürmer. Stürmer’s record does not promises great success in his new job: as a provincial governor he was accused of corruption while his previous stint as minister of the interior was seen by many as marred by incompetence. He is however unquestioningly loyal to the imperial dynasty, so much so that he finds it difficult to make any decision of substance without first consulting the Tsarina and her spiritual adviser, the holy man Grigori Rasputin.

image sources:

Ivan Goremykin (Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library)

Boris Stürmer (Wikipedia)

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