January 1916

Turkish victory in Gallipoli. Austria-Hungary invades Montenegro. Russia attacks Turkey in Eastern Anatolia. British efforts to relieve Kut in Mesopotamia fail. German preparations for the Verdun offensive intensify.

1/1/1916 Prospects for the New Year: an escalation of horror

1/1/1916 Kamerun: Germans decide that discretion is the better part of valour

2/1/1916 How the mighty have fallen: Churchill goes to the Front

5/1/1916 Austria begins to settle accounts with Montenegro

6/1/1916 Mesopotamia: help is on its way to the British in Kut

9/1/1916 Gallipoli: Turks count cost of victory as last Allied soldiers leave

9/1/1916 Sheikh Saad: a pyrrhic victory for the British

10/1/1916 Eastern Anatolia: Russia attacks

12/1/1916 Verdun: German preparations intensify, guns start firing

13/1/1916 Mesopotamia: Britain’s relief force fights its way closer to besieged Kut

14/1/1916 Anatolia: Yudenich launches the main Russian assault on Koprukoy

17/1/1916 Koprukoy falls to the Russians

18/1/1916 The Serbian army begins its evacuation to Corfu

18/1/1916 A new commander for the German fleet spells danger for Britain

19/1/1916 Conrad and Falkenhayn start talking again

20/1/1916 Consumption claims one of Franz Ferdinand’s assassins

20/1/1916 Mesopotamia: a new commander for the Turks at Kut

21/1/1916 Siege of Kut: British relief force blocked at Hanna

21/1/1916 Invaded Montenegro dissolves its army

22/1/1916 Besieged Kut tightens its belt

23/1/1916 Egypt: another British success against the Senussi

24/1/1916 Afghanistan allies with Germany. Or does it?

25/1/1916 The end of Montenegro

27/1/1916 Britain introduces conscription

27/1/1916 Verdun: Falkenhayn lights the fuse

29/1/1916 Paris attacked – by Zeppelin

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image sources:

Le Petit Journal (Grande Guerre)

map (Mental Floss WWI Centennial)

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