29/1/1916 Paris attacked – by Zeppelin

Germany’s Zeppelin airships have mainly been conducting bombing raids on Britain. The attacks were meant to so devastate the country that the British would be obliged to sue for peace. Results have however been disappointing, though they have greatly upset the British public.

Tonight the Germans send a Zeppelin to attack Paris. As with attacks on British targets, the bombing causes relatively little damage but a great deal of consternation among the Parisian public. The political and military authorities are subjected to a wave of outrage for allowing the attack to take place.

Although the actual damage inflicted by the Zeppelin is minimal, it may have achieved the purposes it was sent for. With the French elite now preoccupied with the capital’s air defence, their attention turns away from indications that the Germans are planning an attack on Verdun.

image source:

Zeppelin bomb crater in Ménilmontant, Paris (Vergue)

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