23/1/1916 Egypt: another British success against the Senussi

The Senussi religious brotherhood of Libya have launched incursions into western Egypt in the hope of provoking a revolt against the British presence in the country. While some sympathy for the Senussi has been noticed in the Egyptian army, there has been no general uprising by the Egyptian people. British dominance of the country remains secure.

British forces have begun to push back against the Senussi and have had some success. Today they attack the Senussi near Bir Tunis in the western desert. The fight is less one-sided than the British might have expected: the Senussi put up a stout resistance and display a level of discipline under fire that surprises the British. Nuri Bey and other Turkish advisors would no doubt claim any credit for the Senussi’s brave performance.

Even so, the British prove victorious. However the Senussi are able to melt away into the desert, avoiding the decisive defeat that would put an end to the menace they pose to Britain in Egypt.

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