13/1/1916 Mesopotamia: Britain’s relief force fights its way closer to besieged Kut

A British army is under siege by the Turks in Kut-al-Amara in Mesopotamia. General Aylmer is leading a relief force. After a tough battle with the Turks at Shaykh Saad, today he faces another attempt to block his march at al-Wadi, a tributary of the Tigris.

The battle is fought during a rainstorm. British frontal assaults on the Turks are repulsed with heavy casualties. However a flanking manoeuvre threatens the Turks with envelopment. They withdraw.

The British have suffered another 1,600 casualties in the action. Aylmer now has some 9,000 men left to fight through the last Turkish positions before the town of Kut itself.

image source (Pendraken Miniatures Forum)

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