1/1/1916 Kamerun: Germans decide that discretion is the better part of valour

In Kamerun German resistance is drawing to a close. French and British columns have been advancing towards the southern German base of Yaounde (also known as Jaunde). The Allies have taken months to reach the remote settlement, allowing the Germans time to build extensive fortifications there.

Today a British column finally reaches the town, only to find it deserted. Rather than wait to be bottled up in a siege whose outcome is inevitable, the Germans have fled. They intend making their way to the Spanish colony of Rio Muni to avoid capture by the Allies.

The British are in no state to mount a serious pursuit of the Germans and so leave them to get away. With resistance in the southern part of the colony effectively over, the only German force left in Kamerun is the besieged garrison of Mora. Its end cannot be far off.

image sources:

German forces in Yaounde in happier times (Goethe Institut)

map (Wikipedia)

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