December 1915

Evacuations from Gallipoli. The Siege of Kut begins. Plans for next year.

1/12/1915 Uninvited guests in Albania

2/12/1915 Mesopotamia: the British retreat to Kut

3/12/1915 Another Italian failure: fourth Isonzo battle grinds to a halt

4/12/1915 Albania: the retreating Serbs elude their pursuers

6/12/1915 Chantilly: Allied generals meet to plan for 1916

7/12/1915 Mesopotamia: Kut besieged, but help is coming

8/12/1915 Kosturino: the British face the Bulgarian onslaught

8/12/1915 Kamerun: harsh British measures against natives assisting the Germans

8/12/1915 Chantilly: Allied generals make plans for next year

10/12/1915 Feuding generals: Conrad and Falkenhayn fall out

12/12/1915 Bulgaria’s army chases the British and French back to Salonika

13/12/1915 Egypt: British troops strike back against the Senussi

13/12/1915 Gallipoli: the Allied evacuation begins

15/12/1915 The world watches impotently as Turkey continues to exterminate the Armenians

19/12/1915 Western Front: Haig takes over from French

20/12/1915 Gallipoli: the Anzac Cove and Suvla Bay evacuations completed

21/12/1915 Germany’s pro-war consensus begins to fray

23/12/1915 Kitchener sidelined as Britain further rearranges its generals

23/12/1915 Lake Tanganyika: the British prepare a nasty surprise for the Germans

24/12/1915 Mesopotamia: Nurredin attempts to storm Britsh-held Kut

25/12/1915 Christmas on the Western Front

25/12/1915 Mesopotamia: not much Christmas cheer in Kut

25/12/1915 Persia: Ahmed Shah decides to side with Russia and Britain

25/12/1915 India and Egypt: a rebellion fails to materialise, Jihadi warriors defeated

26/12/1915 Britain makes a new Arab friend

26/12/1915 The Battle of Lake Tanganyika: first blood to the British

28/12/1915 Durazzo: an Austrian naval raid goes awry

29/12/1915 Durazzo: Austrian ships mostly flee to safety

30/12/1915 Falkenhayn plans Armageddon

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Christmas 1915 (Mental Floss)

map (Mental Floss)

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